15. April 2014

A Path With a Heart

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Why am I so lazy?
That’s a pretty good question, because I asked myself that question every week for past 5 years. It was annoying because the feeling of being lazy was overwhelming and I just asked myself: Well, that’s fine I am just a really lazy guy. I just don´t like to work, that´s it.
But that wasn´t fine at all, so I found a solution incidentally. Five Years later, in 2014, I realized that the path I was walking […]

23. December 2013

The candy store

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I was browsing through the Grand Ave Mall to buy stuff from Walgreens as I saw this amazing Candy-Store. A Store full of candies – probably the dream of every child. A lot of tiny, shining candies all over the store with different flavors. Pretty cool, isn´t it?

I was impressed about the colors and the nice and pretty lampshade in the store. Unfortunately I had no space in my backpack to buy off of those cool lampshade.

I talked a […]

The puppet song

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Well, that was pretty cool. I was browsing through the Grand Ave Mall in Milwaukee to get some Christmas Cards for my friends and family as I did hear a great Christmas song.

But no one was singing – I was confused, but after a few seconds I did realize that the puppets are singing. What a nice Idea! Everyone has name and a purpose in the “Band”.

The song were pretty cool and it did bring a smile on the […]

Never give up on your dreams

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It is the Thursday the 19th of December and I bought some Flowers for the Fairy. Unfortunately there was no way that the Fairy could receive the Flowers, so I gave them to Julia, the nice front desk office woman. I knewed that a very close aunt of here past away a few days ago. :( God bless her.

The Monday a few days ago was very hard for me, but now I know why. I was very nervous about […]

A great lunch

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Yeah! On Saturday, 14th of December I met 2 wonderful people @ The Hotel Metro Milwaukee. Unfortunately I don’t know the name of both.  We talked about skiing in Vest Virginia and the different languages in the states.

She told me that they both was married and now they are just friends, because she don´t life anymore in Wisconsin at his home. He was pretty quiet, but a very friendly and polite men.  Both seemed very happy with […]

The Wonderful Fairy

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„The wonderful Fairy“ is a character in my Fairytale called
“The Journey For Love”
I spent several hours with this pictures because I had to learn the real basics of drawing. I tried to draw this picture with a pattern, but at the end I made my own creation.
I can´t remember on the last time I ever draw a picture like this. Sometimes we played “Activity” at home and my friends started laughing out loud or the cried when they saw […]

The Tin Man

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“The Tin Man” – A friendly and nice and friendly man made of tin without a heart. In this fairytale called “the journey for love” he is the main character.
He is searching with all his power and energy for his heart. Tin Man tries hard to find his heart, but he did not get any reward. At the End he found his heart on a place where he never thought about.

You are like to know hot this Fairytale ends? […]

The Wicked Witch

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“The wicked Witch” is one of my first drawings since years. I spend a lot of time to draw this picture – it was quiet hard work – finally I did it with a template picture. I tried to draw the picture with a depth effect, but my drawing wasn´t that good to do that. I am working on that, to know how to do that. ;) You have to know that my friends are laughing about me when […]

With Amtrak to Milwaukee

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That´s Glinda! Like the good witch of the north from the wizard of oz she said. Ha! What a name! That fits perfect to my journey. I did talk to her the whole way up to Milwaukee – we both had fun!

I can recommend the Amtrak Train from Chicago to Milwaukee.

Buying a Ticket is easy. You just have to visit the Website of Amtrak – fill out the forms and buy with your credit card. After you checkout you […]

The story about Lester

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That´s Lester. A smart and very friendly guy. He is HOMELESS since 1993 – his House burned down. After that he got fired from his job as a telemarketing professional.

He asked me what I am doing. I told him my story and about my fairytale and that i am going up to Milwaukee. He said: “Oh, Milwaukee is nice, so many nice German people there. I will never forget the time in 1976 as I was in Austria, […]